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Nezuko, a small, fair-skinned girl, has prominent fangs and is visible with her large, prominent facial features. Her black hair is long and straight. It ends just below her waist and turns a fiery orange color as it passes her elbows. Her hair appears to have been crimped into long, straight ridges that are worn side-by-side to her left. Her pale, soft-looking eyes are pale pink. They appear lighter around the irises. She is framed by long eyelashes that frame her face. Sometimes, Nezuko kamado is shown with more than one bow in the manga. Tanjiro Kamado says that Nezuko Kamado was a beautiful girl from their hometown.

A light pink kimono is worn by her with an asanoha pattern (hemp leaf), the lining being a paler pink. She is secured by a red-checkered hanhabaobi with an orange-threaded and green obijime. She wears a long, dark brown haori over this. The lining is a paler pink. A pair of zori with pink straps, white tabi socks and thick black material that looks like kyahan are also included. To keep her hair from falling out, Nezuko wears a small pink ribbon to her left. She also has the bamboo muzzle Giyu Thomasoka gave her. A strip of red cloth is tied around her jaw.

Nezuko becomes her awakened self during her fight against Daki. She loses her gag, footwear, and sleeves of her haori, and her kimono. A short, white horn appears on her right side, while a vein-like pattern appears around the left eye. But her most striking feature is the red-and-green vine-like pattern that wraps around her chest, arms, legs and chest.

She looked very much the same as a human. The only difference was her lack of demon-like characteristics, vermilion hair and pale pink eyes. Nezuko Kamado, on the other hand, had black hair tied in three low buns and adorned with pink ribbons. Her eyes were a dark red shade that was only pale pink at their lower irises. The same kimono was worn by her except that she did not have her haori. She also wore a white Onbuhimo wrap around her neck which she carried on the back of her little brother Rokuta Kamado.


  • Nezuko’s Friendliness

Nezuko Kamado, as a demon has lost a lot of her human memories. She also doesn’t seem to retain her personality from before her transformation. Although she is still protective and caring towards those she considers her family members, this is due to Sakonji Urokodaki’s influence over her for the past two years. Nezuko retains some human emotions. She can be seen smiling when happy and crying when she’s sad. However, she seems more detached than her human counterparts. Although she is calmer than most demons and less malicious, she still displays some human emotions. Nezuko Kamado can also see her siblings in humans like Rokuta in Yushiro.

  • Protecting Tanjiro from Giyu is Nezuko

Nezuko has become a demon since becoming brazen and doesn’t seem to be afraid of fighting. She fiercely protects her brother and allies. Her strong willpower is evident in her refusal to eat human flesh or blood. This can be seen in her willingness to leap in front of Inosuke in order to save him from her brother, who was trying to kill everyone around him. Although she could have been killed by her brother, Nezuko didn’t hesitate to save him.

Nezuko Kamado has had a few instances when she attempts speech. This may be because of her bamboo mouthpiece which is rarely removed and the fact that she hadn’t spoken for many years after her transformation. She has improved her speech and is now able to pronounce words even if she hears them repeated.

Nezuko was a caring and kind girl, much like her older brother Tanjiro. She was also a caring elder sister to her younger sisters and put their needs before her own. After Tanjiro made an apology, it is clear that Nezuko’s laid-back and humane demeanour supports this fact.

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