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Perfect Makeup Application Eye Shapes

There are 9 eye shapes that you can use in makeup: round, hooded and monolid. There are many ways to enhance the elegance of every eye shape. You don’t have to be an expert in eye makeup. Our eye makeup application guide and eye chart can be a great help for those who are still unsure. We hope you enjoy our eye shapes for flawless makeup application for modern girls.

Start by applying the base to your upper eyelid. You can use either natural or face powder. Apply dark eyeshadow to the outer edges of the moving eyelids and you can then alter the shape of your eyes. To highlight your round eyes, draw a line with the eye pencil along your lash line. The following eye outlines can be read: large-set, small, asymmetrical and deep-set.

How to make your eyes shape using makeup

  1. Wide-Set Eyes

Eye makeup is easy for women with large eyes. Here are some tips to remember. The look and feel of your eyes is greatly improved by shaping your nose bridge. This balances the space between your eyes. A second tip is to avoid shimmery eyeshadows as they can overstress the space. To make your eyes appear more close together, use a darker shade at the inner corners. To make your eyes appear wider, expand your eyebrows in the inner corners. This will make your eyes appear narrower. When performing a cat-eye, keep the liner neat and vertical.

  1. Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes can be made to look very similar to round eyes by applying eye makeup. This eye shape requires that you use a lighter eyeshadow. You can apply it as softly as necessary to highlight the eyes to give them a rounder shape.

  1. Protruding or prominent eyes

It can be difficult to apply makeup on eyes that are protruding. This is because you need to keep your makeup minimal. To drown out any shadows and redness, apply a nude makeup eyeshadow to the entire lid. A matte shadow is always better than a shimmery one. A tight lining is the best way to apply eyeliner. To balance the bulge in the eyes, you can also apply eyeliner to the bottom of the lash line. An excellent tip is to brighten the eyes by using a flesh-toned pencil on your waterline. Move easily with mascara and falsies.

  1. Round Eyes

You can use eyeliner starting at the outer edges of your eyes for girls with round eyes. You can make the border straight or small, cat-eyes. Light eyeshadow should be applied to the inner corners of the eyes. To add contrast, use a medium-shade eyeshadow to highlight the lid. Finish with a darker eyeshadow in the crease. Blend externally towards the center of your eyes. Look at the eye shapes infographic below to find out what eye shape you might be.

  1. Monolid Eyes

Asian women are more likely to have small, monolid-shaped eyes. This eye shape is common in Asian women. You can learn how to make your eyes appear bigger and more vibrant. From the inner corners of your eyes, focus on the middle of your eyelids. Apply a dark shadow, preferably a medium shade, to the outer corner and top of your crease. This can make your eyes appear larger. Use a light shadow on the eyes to define the shape. However, don’t apply it beyond the eyelids. Use your best friends, mascara and eyeliner. Draw a thin line, but go a little further to the edges.

  1. Almond Eyes

If you have almond eyes you are one lucky lady! Almond eyes are one of the most beautiful eye designs. This allows you to focus less on the details of your eyes, which is what the purpose of eye makeup is. Because it is difficult to make a mistake when using eyes, you can try out various looks. The round eye makeup method is a great guide.

  1. Hooded eyes

The extra skin in the crease of hooded eyes makes the eyes appear smaller. Instead of highlighting your eyes, make them rounder. Use a light shadow around the inner corner of your eyes. Apply a light shade to the inner corner of your eyes. Next, apply a darker shade to the hooded area of the eyelids. Use a dark shadow on the crease. To complete the look, use eyeliner. Don’t forget to add a little more to the corners.

  1. Downturned eyes

Keep the same method as for round eyes, but with downturned eyes. You don’t need to use too much eyeliner. After applying the eyeshadow, begin to draw the eyeliner starting at the inner corner of your eye. Extend the liner outward. Eyelifting looks that are winged or cat-eye are great for lifting the eyes. Additional eyelifting options include mascara application and styling your lashes.

  1. Close-Set Eyes

If you have small eyes, concentrate on your eyebrow bone and inner eyelids. Apply a medium-shade eyeshadow to the rest of your eyelids, with a hint at the corners. You can intensify the color by applying a darker shade from the outer corner to the crease. Use an eyeliner to finish the eye shape. Start by drawing in the middle of your eyelids and then draw straight to the corner.

Beautiful eyes can make you more beautiful on the planet of makeup. To see the difference, focus on your eye makeup activities! First, you need to be aware of your eye shape. Then, you can continue to practice the best eye makeup for your face and eyes. While understanding your eye makeup technique won’t happen immediately, if you continue to practice it, you will soon be an expert in eye makeup!

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