The “RGM Watches” Model 500-GMT

When Watches and Bikes Collide (but it’s not literally)? RGM Watches ., an American watchmaker based in Pennsylvania, is run by Roland Murphy. Murphy is one of very few watchmakers in America who can build …

When Watches and Bikes Collide (but it’s not literally)?

RGM Watches ., an American watchmaker based in Pennsylvania, is run by Roland Murphy. Murphy is one of very few watchmakers in America who can build skeleton watches from scratch. RGM’s main business is in highly limited or custom-made timepieces. Murphy sometimes works with partners to make limited editions. This is Richard Sachs’ second partnership watch and the Model 500-GMT is one example. Although it might seem odd to have a watchmaker and a bicycle maker working together, Sachs makes bikes in an artistic way that watch enthusiasts will love.

RGM Watches Model 500-GMT

  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial: Black
  • Dimensions: 41×11.3x51mm
  • Sapphire: Crystal
  • Water resistance 10 ATM
  • Crown: Screw down
  • Movement: RGM-ETA 2893-2
  • Strap/bracelet – Leather (stainless bracelet soon).
  • Price: $4,750
  • Referenz Number: n/a
  • Expected release: Available now

Believe it or not, this is the first RGM to feature a rotating GMT bezel that rotates in a bi-directional direction. Although the watch is designed to be a sports watch that can be worn on the go, it retains all of the RGM design language. It tends to lean more towards classic American watchmaking designs. From a design standpoint, the most striking feature of the watch is the deep ribbing in the case band. The watch has an almost intimidating look due to the deep ribbing through the case band. Even photos show that this effect is very visible. This watch is not a sport watch.

The watch, like all RGM watches is built to a very high beauty standards. Two caseback gaskets provide water resistance and the watch has a thick sapphire crystal (2mm). To prevent them from fading over time, the numerals engraved on the GMT bezel are filled with ceramic. You will be able to see the detail and skill that went into making the Model 500-GMT.

The Model 500-GMT dial layout is very simple. The large numerals at each cardinal position and the broad sword hands (that are skeletonized, partially lume filled or fully lumed) help focus the eye quickly on the current time. The watch’s dial is matte black which enhances its sporty look. The GMT hand features Richard Sachs’s logo, which is embossed into the watch’s caseback.

This movement is based on the ETA 2893-2, which GMT enthusiasts and readers will be familiar with. This GMT movement allows you to set your own GMT hand. It is ideal for anyone who has to track another time zone or who does not mind having the watch stop to adjust the time after stepping off a plane. You can track another time zone with the 24-hour bezel.

RGM Watches Model 600 Chronograph: A Perfect Fit

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You have a winner if you add an American brand that makes watches in a small shop located in Pennsylvania.

RGM’s Model 600 Chronograph is the one I’m referring to, which is a sturdy and affordable chronograph that can be worn every day.

Roland Murphy, RGM’s third-in-house manufactured movement, the Caliber 20, was on display last year at the Geneva Time Exhibition. RGM Watches, the US’s premier watch manufacturer, has not made their own movements for many years. They sourced Swiss movements from Switzerland and created fine vince camuto watches with their own dials, and cases. They eventually released their first in-house manufactured movement, the caliber 801, followed by the MM2 inside the Pennsylvania Tourbillon. The Caliber 20, a tonneau-shaped movement, is their most recent.

Caliber 20’s mainspring barrel is a “Motor Barrel System”, which is a modified version of the traditional mainspring barrel design. It is more durable, more resistant to failure and lasts longer. It is all about how the barrel is attached to its movement plate. It also provides more consistent timing . RGM did not invent this system. However, they put it in wrist watches for the first time. The Motor Barrel, an American invention, was used in high-end pocket watches made here in the United States. RGM Watches claims that this system has not been built anywhere else in over 50 years. It is designed to celebrate America’s past in mechanical watchmaking and the American character that RGM watches are.