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Styling Mistakes That Men Should Stop Committing Like Right Now

Men don’t make mistakes as often, and tend to pay less attention to small details than women do. A common stereotype holds that women are better at dressing and displaying their style than men; but recently this has begun changing as more men pay close attention to lifestyle, fashion, style and body language issues than ever. Even if some guys fall behind at first, don’t worry as we have already prepared everything for you!

Colour selection

Bright clothing may be trendy, but be wary that wearing multiple vibrant hues at once may be too much of an overstatement unless attending an event with a specific theme-based party. When choosing vibrant hues as part of your attire make sure not to go overboard – if wearing them will only result in eye rolling from others!

Sneaker doesn’t go with Everything

Men often make this mistake. Men should realize that just like women need shoes that match their clothing, so too do men have to match up their footwear accordingly.

Right size

We suggest taking some measurements and trying on clothing of the appropriate size for yourself. Men often try on clothes larger or smaller than their size – that is not recommended!

While choosing a suit

When purchasing a suit, it is essential that you consider color, size, fabric and body shape when making your selection.

Loose trousers

Men should dress in clothing of an appropriate size; loose trousers have long been considered fashionable but now we have more freedom in selecting our own size.

The neck of the t-shirts

Choose a T-shirt suitable to your body type; for instance, V necks aren’t appropriate if you are thin or overweight; collared T-shirts are widely worn instead.

Tie selection

When considering selecting a tie for any special event or party, the first consideration should be its purpose and how best to wear it. You don’t necessarily require formality for festivities like graduations; casual clothing could suffice instead.

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