Three Tips to Wear a Chain Belt

What is a Chain Belt? A chain belt is a belt made from linked metal. A chain-link belt is not designed to fit through the belt loops on a pair or pants like a traditional buckle …

What is a Chain Belt?

A chain belt is a belt made from linked metal. A chain-link belt is not designed to fit through the belt loops on a pair or pants like a traditional buckle belt. Instead, it wraps around the hips, mid-waist, and ends at the ankle.

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There are many options for chain belts. They can be made from simple links metal or woven with leather. You can also add embellishments such as rhinestones and studs to make them more special. The chain belt has been adapted over time to suit different styles and purposes, so it can be used as both a fashion accessory and a wardrobe piece. They are often worn as body jewelry, or as a belt to enhance formal outfits.

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Three Tips to Wear a Chain Belt

A chain belt is not the most popular style for women. These are some styling tips to help you style this piece.

Be sparing with your accessories: When styling a necklace belt, avoid overdoing it with too many accessories. Too many accessories can distract from the focus of your chain belt and make it look cluttered. For a chic balance, you can pair your chain belts with simple patterns and solid colors (such as plaid).

Wear below your waist: Chain belts are designed to fit around the midsection of your body, so they will not reach your hips. Some chains should be worn at the hip. You don’t have to tie your chain belt tight. Instead, loosen it.

You can play with your style: This accessory is usually available in a silver- or gold-colored base. However, many chain belts include black leather, colored beads or statement charms. Your chain belt can be used to give your outfit an unexpected flair.

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How to style a chain belt

A chain belt is versatile and can be worn with many different outfits. These are some styling tips for a chain belt that can be worn with a variety of outfits, from classic sophistication to street style.

Add a belt to your dress. A simple black dress can be accented with a charmed, studded chain belt. Or, wrap a gold chain around a flowing white dress to create an elegant boho style. A chain belt is a great way of cinching an oversized shirt dress. Wrap the chain belt around you midsection to highlight and cinch it.

To upgrade a skirt, style a chain belt on top of a circle skirt to tighten your waist. A layered chain belt can be worn with a pencil skirt or a miniskirt in plaid with a tweed jacket.

Pair with pants: For a timeless, sophisticated look, pair a pair of black tailored slacks with silver chain belts. The gold chain belt looks great with wide-leg, linen or white wool pants. A chain belt can be worn with a jumpsuit. It can be worn low around the hips or cinched at the waist. You should not use a belt loop when wearing pants, particularly if the chain belt can be wrapped around multiple times.

Use a chain belt to add body jewelry: A chain belt can be used as a body chain if you are looking for body jewelry that will enhance your midsection, even with a crop top or baby t-shirt. To create casual summer outfits, wrap the belt around the exposed stomach. This is best done with thin metal belts as large, chunky chains can distract from your waistline.

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Layer chains: To create a draped double-chain look, you can wear either two chain belts that complement each other or a longer one wrapped twice. This style is great for solid pants, skirts and dresses. A double loop chain belt can overwhelm a patterned piece like embroidered jeans or floral skirts. A layered chain belt can be incorporated into more subdued outfits to add a touch of glamour.