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Styles for Women that Beat the Winter Blues

Even if you don’t have the luxury of jet-setting to Aspen, WhistlerBlackcomb, or the French Alps you should keep an eye out for the apres ski fashion trend. Why? It’s not just for après-ski activities. It has evolved to a whole new mood. It’s a casual, sporty aesthetic that reflects alpine-chic style. Interested? How to bring women’s apres ski style from the slopes onto the streets.

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What is Apres-Ski?

French for “after ski”, Apres-ski means “after skiing” and was first used in Europe during the rise in commercial skiing in the 1950s. It all comes down to time spent after skiing. After a day on the slopes, imagine a windswept look and a cup of hot coffee while you relax with your ski gear. Although it may be happy hour at 5 o’clock, after-ski activities are not scheduled. This is one of our favourite parts about apres-ski. We promise that you won’t get bored, no matter if you have a ski-adventure in mind or just want to check out this women’s fashion 2022 trend.

Essential Apres-Ski Style Staples

Women’s apres ski fashion is so easy that you don’t even have to ski. You can be mountain-chic with a few easy swaps. Apres-ski-musts include puff jackets, turtlenecks with sherpa lining, turtlenecks, sweaters, and woolen accessories. Although you won’t be walking through a winter wonderland like the one in the picture, you will sparkle like freshly fallen snow.

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Fair Isle Sweaters Keep You Warm

In a women’s apres ski sweater, you can curl up with a book and a good book. What is our favorite sweater to invoke ski vibes? The Fair Isle sweater. These sweaters are crafted from intricate patterns that originate in the Shetland Islands. The Fair Isle sweaters today are influenced by the colorful weaves passed down through generations.

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Layer up with ski-inspired puff jackets and vests

Jack Frost won’t nip at you nose or anywhere else. Instead, wear a women’s puffer jacket or vest. You can protect yourself against the elements with a waterproof or water resistant option. Another important detail to consider? Whether your jacket is filled with down or a sustainable-friendly, poly-fill. Many people mistake down for the feathers used to adorn ducks or geese. Down fill, also known as the undercoat or the stuff beneath the feathers, is actually down fill. It retains warmth and locks in heat, making it a popular choice for skiers. A synthetic puffer jacket with a filled interior is another option.

Accessory to Take Your Winter Wardrobe To the Next Level

Add some accessories to your apres ski outfit for warmth during cold weather. Enter, scarves. A scarf not only keeps your neck warm but also adds color and texture to your outfit. Scarves and buffalo plaid are both fashion favorites year after year. Wear a plaid scarf with an animal-print top to mix and match prints.

Sherpa-lined boots will keep you warm and avoid catching a cold. Apres-ski boots with lug soles are better for traction in snow and ice conditions. You can add another layer of protection to your feet in cold conditions by adding a sherpa liner. To ensure that they go well with any outfit, choose a neutral color.

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